ATEM POWER 10x Anderson Style Plug Connectors 50 AMP 12-24V 6AWG DC Power Tool

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Complete Suite: We offer 10 two pole waterproof Anderson style plugs with 20 contacts for quick and easy connection and disconnection of high current cables.
High Durability: The Anderson style plugs are made of sturdy polycarbonate and ready to withstand impact, vibration, solvents and hydro carbons, etc.
Antioxidant Contacts: Silver plated copper contacts that feature a sacrificial tip allow high current circuit interrupt as well as offering low resistance.
Outstanding Performance: The genderless plugs can handle up to 50 amperes per pole and accommodate wire ranges of #16 to #6 AWG (1.5 to 13.3 mm²).
Enhanced Safety: The plug is designed to provide high power in a compact ergonomic housing with protection against accidental contact with live circuits.
Super Versatility: Compatible with a 12V or 24V DC power source, this suite is suitable for solar panels, dual battery systems, caravans, 4WD, fridges, etc.
Terminal Insertion: Observing the polarity markings, insert the terminal that can be crimped or soldered into the connector housing until a sharp click is heard.
Terminal Removal: Press the sprung metal tabs inside the connector housing fully flat by using a suitable tool and withdraw the terminal.
Flat Wiping: Allowing for minimal contact resistance at high current, the self-wiping action cleans contact surfaces during connection/disconnection.

Colour: Red
Current Rating: 50A
Voltage Rating: 600V
Voltage: For 12V or 24V use
Amperage Rating: 50A
Voltage: 600V (Maximum)
Operating Voltage: 12V-24V
Contact Barrel Wire Size: #16 to #6 (AWG), 1.5 to 13.3(mm²)
Operating Temperature: -20°C ~105°C
Warranty: 1 Year Warranty
Package Dimension: 20cm x 14.5cm x 2cm
Gross Weight: 0.24kg

Package Content:
10 x ATEM POWER Anderson Plugs
20 x ATEM POWER Terminals

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