10 Way Blade Fuse Block Holder W/Led Indicator Light 12V 24V Car Marine 20 Fuses

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Fuse Box Type: 10-Way
Fuse Type: Standard Blade Fuse (ATO / ATC)
Rated Volt: 32V DC
Current rating per box:Max 100 amp per panel,Max 40A per Circuit
Fuse:40Ax2, 30Ax2, 20Ax6, 15Ax4,10Ax4,5Ax2
LED Indicator Color:Red
Input Wire: #4-6 AWG
Output Wire:#12-16 AWG
1 Year Warranty

Package Content
1 x 10 Way Fuse Box Holder
2 x 40A Fuse
2 x 30A Fuse
6 x 20A Fuse
4 x 15A Fuse
4 x 10A Fuse
2 x 5A Fuse
1pc Label Sticker

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